Earn More… Then Share the Wealth

Max has partnered with the Robin Hood Foundation to help fight poverty.

Many Max members consider the incremental yield earned via Max to be “found money” — interest income they never expected to earn. With one click, you can pledge a portion of this incremental income to alleviate suffering, create opportunity, and help transform lives.

Earn more with Max, and share the wealth with those who need it most.

How to make a pledge to Robin Hood

  • On average, Max members are currently earning 4.84% more than the national savings average.
  • Pledge a portion of this incremental income to Robin Hood on a one time or recurring basis. You can change the percentage or cancel at any time.
  • Max will calculate your corresponding pledge amount quarterly; the Robin Hood Foundation will process all donations and provide tax receipts accordingly.

Your pledge is an obligation directly between you and the Robin Hood Foundation. Max does not monitor or administer the pledge or the use of proceeds by the Robin Hood Foundation. Should you have any questions about your pledge or about the Robin Hood Foundation, please contact Robin Hood directly at 212-227-6601.

Max Top Rate National Average

The Max Top Rate is the highest interest rate currently being earned by Max members in their linked savings accounts. The National Average is the simple average of rates paid by U.S. banks on savings accounts, as calculated by the FDIC. Source: FDIC Weekly National Rates